10 Month Old Baby Development

10 Month old baby development is probably the most likeable and memorable developmental stage! It's about now your cute little baby - who no longer likes to lie on the floor to stare around, crawls through the house, stands all by herself, and most possibly attempting to take the first walk of her life!

No one is going to stop her now! The whole world is hers and hers alone! Get that digital camera and keep on shooting some exciting pictures now!

10 Month old baby development offers you new insights and outlooks on some of the best possible moments in your entire life:

Physical Changes

  • Your baby's first try at crawling may not be too successful or organized. Do not worry! She will soon be an expert crawler in her own right!

  • She will also hate lying on her back, except when sleeping!

  • When you make her lie on her back, she will immediately roll over to her tummy and start crawling!

  • Her hands look like a pair of working hands and not like a lump of muscle mass! Her small fingers and palm are beginning to look more purposeful and useful now! 10 month old baby development

  • She also picks up objects with ease and transfers them from one hand to the other. She also throws or bangs those objects on the floor in one easy movement.

Mental Changes

  • Your baby understands commands like "NO" and "DON'T". Try to use these words with caution. If used too often, they may make her averse later.

  • Get active and play word games with your baby. There are many dialogue games to stimulate and encourage her to learn new things.

  • Your baby's real personality is coming into the open now! She is more open to, social, and mixes with others and generally shows an outgoing personality. This is especially true for your family members.

  • Mentally, she is more independent and mostly has her own ideas. 10 month old baby development

Social Changes

  • Many situations may scare or frighten her for no apparent reason. External stimuli like doorbells and telephones could startle her or even make her cry. Fortunately these fears go away when she learns to notice and respond to sudden sounds.

  • However silly it may sound to others, chitchatting with your baby is a great way to encourage and stimulate her to learn new things and master fresh skills. 10 month old baby development

  • She soon starts adapting and making the right social connections. Before long she'll start socializing and show her ease with a series of handclaps and loud babbles.

Top Tips

  • If you're wondering about the right type of footwear for those tiny feet, here is some advice! Most health professionals suggest nothing! Baby's feet grow faster and better, when they are bare in the first year. Bare feet will help build foot arches and assist in strengthening anklebones. If at all you are buying footwear for your baby, then go for something that is soft fabric in nature.

  • Your baby will be more adventurous now and she wants to get involved in a series of activities she likes. Some experts suggest you give simple exercises to make her more agile and quick. One form of exercise is swimming in shallow water pools. Another form of exercise is to make her walk along your side within the confines of your home.

Intelligent Play

  • Qualified professionals also suggest teaching your baby a series of mental games coupled with verbal skills.
    The idea is not to teach her the language per se, but rather to develop skills and techniques to learn the language. Here's what you do. Most of the time your baby expects or anticipates some reaction from you when performing certain actions or tasks. Your task is to show appropriate reaction. 10 month old baby development

About Discipline

  • Experts suggest that 10 month old baby development is the right age for teaching babies some basic forms of discipline. Psychologists also suggest parents use some form of reprimanding words like "NO-NO" or "NO" to start teaching basic manners.

Points to Ponder

  • 10 Month old baby development is also a stage of complexities and challenges for both of you! Some of the problems are separation anxiety, extreme playfulness, little bit of indiscipline and possible health worries.

  • You must understand the development cycle of your baby and let her pass through milestones at her own pace. But if you feel that your baby is not meeting the developmental milestones, make it a point to contact your doctor. Obviously many apparent problems are easily solved by simply using the right stimulation and encouragement. Consult this resource for practical suggestions.

  • Keep in mind that it's always easier to correct any problem or potential problem if treated immediately rather than trying to do so later. 10 month old baby development

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