12 Month Old Baby Development

12 Month old baby development is the last month of the 1st baby development year! Enjoy your first baby birthday!  Get ready for that big birthday bash, and shower gifts on your one-year-old lovely kid! It is a precious moment and a great experience filled with fun, thrill and excitement!

Baby development at 12 months involves a series of physical, mental, language and social developmental steps.

Physical Changes

  • The major physical change during the 12th month is probably your baby taking her first walking steps on her own. Even if it does not happen now, please do not worry. Some babies take longer to get going. This is probably the most memorable milestone in the first year growth cycle. Get ready with your camcorder to shoot those first few steps!

  • Your baby may also feed herself, by using a bowl and spoon. 12 month old baby development

  • Is also the time for improving a number of motor skills - for example thumb-and-forefinger grasp. This opens up a few unique exercise and activity opportunities, especially when buying her toys.

  • She discovers she has sufficient strength and stamina to perform a number of activities.

  • She may still prefer crawling to walking. It's still easier for her to crawl. 12 month old baby development

Mental Skills

  • Psychologists suggest that at the end of the first year, your baby may develop the skill to relate past events with the future. She may also identify different objects based on their appearance and color and sort out them according to her preferences and choices. Stimulate and encourage this skill be selecting the right toys.

  • Her active mental abilities make her extremely active and agile for most part of the day.

  • She will also probe and examine objects and things that are lying around on the floor.

  • She remembers events and things for longer periods. 12 month old baby development

  • She also solves problems by using a trial and error method

Verbal Communication Skills

  • Your baby's vocabulary and word power probably consist of only a couple of words (apart from "mama" and "dada,"). She babbles short, completely constructed sentences that look and feel like they are speaking a strange dialect!

  • If you give her valid clues, she will respond with very simple questions and commands. She can determine your mood and emotions before answering the questions, mostly with an action.12 month old baby development

  • You may also need to teach her some manners and discipline, by using simple, but effective instructions and commands.

  • It is also possible to teach your baby to make connections between objects, their colors and names. Obviously the more you do it, the more efficient and better she becomes.

  • At 12 months your baby can absorb the outlines of stories and pictures. A great stimulation exercise is when you recite rhymes and tell bedtime stories. Consider using a tape recorder or by reading colorful storybooks.

Social Changes

  • Her level of separation anxiety increases as she gets closer to 1 year old. This is quite natural. You'll even find that she does not want to leave you for even a minute.12 month old baby development

  • Let her play on her own. Experts advise parents to leave their babies alone for some time every day. Amongst others, this teaches her to do things on her own and work independently.

  • Your child mixes with other people and domestic pets with ease. However, she may need you to stay by her side.

  • One of the negative features of 12 month old baby development is refusal to eat food or a simple meal.

  • She may demand and insist on self feeding... 12 month old baby development

  • However, she will be very much interested in wearing new dresses and clothes

Potential Problems

  • Intense excitement and too much play may hinder your baby's ability to sleep properly. Keep an eye on her sleep patterns to assess the situation. If it's a problem, then go here or even here. 12 month old baby development

  • Teething pain is perhaps one of the nagging problems that may lead to lack of sleep. Your physician may be able to suggest you good solutions to overcome this problem. However, this problem is common in almost all young children and it quickly disappears once the whole set of teeth has developed.

  • Temper and anger tantrums will increase  

Talk to your doctor or consult a practical guide if you find that your baby:

Can not yet sit or crawl
Can not yet stand even when supported by you
Can not yet use both sides of his or her body equally

Points to Ponder

Just remember that normal child development tends to follow a typical development pattern and this pattern depends on your baby's general health and genetic factors. 12 month old baby development

All babies are unique and they meet milestones at their own pace... of course, within limits. But, keep in mind that stimulation and encouragement can speed up her reaching these milestones. All guidelines suggested here are merely given to make you aware of the potential your child should reach. If you feel that your baby is still struggling to meet suggested milestones, ensure that you talk to your doctor about your concerns or seek the answers at the earliest.

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