15 Month Old Baby Boy Is Not Walking

by Charmaine
(South Africa)

My 15 month old baby boy is not walking yet. He isn't actually crawling also. He sits on his bum and then shuffles himself on the floor forward and backwards. He weighs 13kgs and has a very good appetite.

There is nothing wrong with his health. But why is he taking so long to walk? My older son of 3 started walking on 13 months. Do I need to worry about this. What do you suggest that I do now?

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Late Walking
by: Margaret Watson

Your son is late walking, but is obviously managing to get about successfully. So, perhaps doesn't have the urge to walk which after all is a much more risky way of locomotion when muscles and co-ordination aren't fully developed.

My sister shuffled from about 7 months until 20 months and then one day walked the length of the room to get what she wanted when my father refused to be at her beck and call. Is your son overweight as this can make things more difficult for him? Did he reach other milestones such as controlling his head movements and rolling within normal limits? If so there is probably nothing to worry about. Are his muscles floppy at all, or does his grip for instance feel normal? There are lots of babies out there of your son's age who aren't walking yet. But if you are still concerned, do consult your local clinic. I'm pretty sure that quite soon you'll be chasing him.

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