1 Month Old Baby Development

The 1 month old baby development phase is probably the most exciting period of your entire life!

The sight and sound of your tiny tot lying by your side thrill any parent. But it's also a phase of uncertainty and anxiety, both for you and for your spouse.

You may need to prepare yourself for the long test of nursing and raising your baby, until he becomes completely self-sufficient. Great thing is… it gets easier by the day.

After one month, your baby will have obtained a lot of physical, social and mental strength, along with a skill for basic language.

Physical Changes

  • Slight arm and leg movements that are pure reflexes and involuntary 1 month old baby development

  • Weak head and neck that flops or drops down, if not supported properly

  • A basic ability to see things that are only about 10 inches away.

  • An ability to stare at nearby objects, but lacks the ability to reach out for them.

  • A tendency to love intimate physical contact

Mental Changes

  • Likes to look at faces and at those figures that are contrasting in appearance

  • Keeps alert for about one hour out of every ten hours

  • Starts developing a close bondage with the mother 1 month old baby development

  • Mental behavior is purely reflexive

  • May start to cry, if there is a under stimulation or over stimulation

Verbal Communication Changes

  • Starts responding to voices nearby

  • Starts to coo and murmur when happy

  • She likes it very much when his mother talks to him

Social Changes

  • Loves eye contact and gazing 1 month old baby development

  • Starts smiling nervously at faces and likes to smile as well

  • Also starts to recognize mom's voice

Within the first month, your baby starts adjusting to the harsh ambience around her. She also starts feeling comfortable to sleep within the warm coziness of his mom's embrace and comfortable blankets.

Baby development at 1 month tends to be difficult for both baby and the mother, as both of them take some time to adjust to the new experience. Every mother and father of a newborn baby will feel uneasy and nervous about raising his or her baby. Both of you need the best for your child, including safety and timely nourishment. If you are a first time mother, you may feel confused and jittery.

Hey, I still say I've experimented on our first son to judge what was wrong or right The thing is, even this gets easier after a while. Don't lose hope! 1 month old baby development


Raising a baby during the first month of development should be easy, unless there is something drastically wrong, either with the overall health of the baby or serious post birth complications.

Keeping Track

Baby development at 1 month provides a few unique growing phases which may be quite difficult to understand.  1 month old baby development

Baby is getting stronger day by day, and neck muscles are becoming stronger too! At the end of the 1st month he may even hold his head for a brief moment. And while he is lying on her back he may even attempt to turn his head from side to side… though with considerable difficulty. You will have to support his neck and head, while you are lifting him up or from his bed.


Your baby still doesn't know he has legs and arms! Nevertheless, he quickly learns that! He's becomes aware of his hands and legs and uses them with good effect too! 1 month old baby development

The biggest stimulation at this stage is to hold his up and talk to him in very low, steady voice. Eventually, he will start playing with his hands and legs, while trying to seek immediate attention of you!

Important Milestones

  • One of the most remarkable developmental phases of 1 month old baby development is your baby's nonstop urge to suck his thumbs and fingers.

  • Towards the second half of the first month, he may start cooing and grunting to express joy and happiness. Be sure that you coo and grunt back to create an instant emotional bondage. 1 month old baby development

  • At the end of the first month, he may recognize you and indicate he's doing so! Ensure that you return the sign without fail. At this stage, almost all babies begin to show a definite recognition of their parents, especially the mother. They will also try to make eye contact with their parents, while some of them may even smile at them.

  • Once your baby learns to focus at stationary things with an intent gaze, he also tries to track a moving object. However, his vision is still near-sighted and restricted to all objects and things lying within 20 to 25 centimeters from nose area (8-10 inches).

A Small Exercise

Start playing an eye-to-eye game with your cute little baby, by moving closer to his face and shake your head from side to side. Often his inquiring eyes will lock into yours and stay fixed for sometime.

1 month old baby development also starts with a remarkable ability to improve his sensory development. The sound and chimes of musical instruments and wind chimes will attract attention and amuse him.  1 month old baby development

General Tips

Most parents may overly worry about the general health and well-being of their baby. Unless your baby is critically sick or malformed, there should not be any problem with her monthly milestones. Just remember! Your baby is so special that he meets his natural milestones at his own pace, and the rate of development is a natural process. 1 month old baby development

For more information about your baby's development milestones at 1 month, click here.

If you have any doubts or questions, please consult your doctor immediately.

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