2 Months Premature

by Roxann

My little boy is 2 months premature. He just turned one year old. He sits up by himself for short periods but still falls over. He is still not walking yet and he is not crawling on his hands and knees. He pulls himself along on the floor.

The daycare worker has expressed her worries about his development. His doctor said that he was doing fine and that he would eventually catch up. He gets around well in his walker.

My question is, is he lagging behind something that I need to worry about, or will he catch up when he is ready?

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2 Months prematurely
by: Anonymous

My baby girl was born 2 months prematurely. Although she is 6mnths she looks like 4months. She started rolling at 3-4months and at 5-6mnths she started rolling from her back to tummy and now tummy to back. The only advice I can share is while you play with him, let him chase a toy. In this way he will be more determined to crawl and walk towards it thereby improving his physical development.

Prem Baby
by: Anonymous

I had a 12 week prem baby. The best thing I did was to get him to physiotherapy. He has just about caught up on all his milestones. I am sure physioteraphy will help with the crawling and walking.

### Comment by Dalene ###
Of course, Occupational Therapy will also give your child the same stimulation advantage... especially if it a person specializing in baby and child development.

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