2 Month Old Baby Development

The 2 month old baby development period is the month of consolidation and control over normal body functions and growth. During this time your baby will try to cope with the rigors of the external world, with a series of physical and mental changes.

Though your baby still looks very tiny and fragile, you will make out a subtle difference when holding her in your arms. Notice the changed way she looks at you and the surroundings. Also, her body seems to gain a little bit of strength compared to the first month. The first month was full of apprehension and adjustments, while the second month is slowly becoming a life full of energy and anticipation.

Briefly, the 2 month old baby development phase is an eventful chapter in your baby's life, and some of the most remarkable changes that occur during this time are:

Physical Changes

  • Her muscles will be slightly stronger and the twitching movements of the first month slowly disappear.

  • Her neck muscles are getting stronger and she can lift her head to about 45 degrees.

  • Hands will loosen up slowly to spread across her body; hand movements show a noticeable decrease in stiffening.

  • She can also briefly hold small things like toys and rattles.

  • Her eyes are very active in tracking the movements of things and objects.

Mental Changes:

  • parents; intensity of crying gets shriller and shriller.

  • Her only means of protest is by the incessant crying. 2 month old baby development

  • She also needs visual stimulation and exercises. Provide her a bagful of colorful and moving toys

 Verbal Communication Changes

  • She starts cooing, gurgling and squealing with an increased intensity. She may even respond to your word playing with her.

  • expresses herself with strong emotions

Social Changes

  • mingles with you for a long time, till she falls asleep.

  • She expresses her moods and emotions in a demanding way.

  • She studies faces and objects close to her.

  • She also becomes an identifiable and obvious personality.

Important Milestones

  • lies on her back, she may still keep her neck and head to one side, but she can move her head a little bit from one side to the other. 2 month old baby development

  • Her hands are more firm now, but still not fully controlled motions.

  • One of the most visible improvements at this stage is the ability to track objects with more precision and accuracy.

  • Her head movements are more controlled. When you hold her up over your shoulders, her head will not simply rest floppily, but she can lift her head from time to time.

  • She daily controls her body movements better.

  • She slowly gains better control over a range of sensations and perceptions

One of baby milestones at 2 months you'll notice is that your baby will be a silent spectator by concentrating on certain objects for a long time. In fact, her eyes are looking at things, faces and objects just to study and explore them. Her vision is still shallow and single, and it may take another two or three months, before she connects vision, mind and brain.

Important Tip

Give her toys like painted, hanging balls, color boards and colorful rattle toys and hang them over her crib. These toys stimulates coordination of hand, mind, and muscle functions in an effective and meaningful way.   

Feeding Tips

  • Feeding your baby during the 2 month old baby development could be a tricky affair. It is very difficult to determine when exactly she gets hungry. Often you'll know only by trial and error.

  • cry continually, usually because of hunger or discomfort. 2 month old baby development

  • Most of the 2-month-old babies have the habit of feeding during the night and this curious habit may drop after 4th or 5th month. Your baby's biological clock is all mixed up and mixes up her days and nights.

  • Oftentimes at roughly the 8 weeks baby development stage, your baby starts to babble awkwardly and without any meaning. But, it is her way of enjoyment! She starts to play with her own sounds she likes! In fact, she will find her own set of sounds and repeat them over and over. This simple and natural exercise prepares her ready for the coming speech-hearing skills. Of course, you can teach better learning skills and hearing techniques just by playing with her and paying attention.

  • The 2 month old baby development will also offer you an excellent opportunity to see the first real smile on your baby's face. The first smile is probably the most important personal milestone both to you and to your baby.

Points to Ponder

  • During the all-important 2 month old baby development phase, you must observe and inspect the milestones and growth pattern of your baby very closely. The best way to keep a watch on your baby's development is to keep a record and write every milestone down. 2 month old baby development

  • Obviously, at the first sign of your baby's development not staying on track, you can learn how to stimulate development by clicking here, or consult your doctor.

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