The 33 Week Baby Development Period Explained

The 33 Week Baby Development Period Explained


The 33 week baby development stage is almost like being at the 26 mile mark in a marathon… not that I run. But my husband always says it's so close to the end… you're hurt and tired, but still an unbearably long way to go (even though it's less than half a mile to go!).

You may just start to get a bit anxious and nervous. But, do not worry.. everything's OK.

You're just three weeks way from delivering that cute little baby.

This is a period of immense hope and anticipation! It's a significant milestone in your entire pregnancy. Your baby has already witnessed some remarkable events in her lifetime.

Roughly at about the 33 week baby development stage you'd better be careful and cautious in looking after yourself… and what and how you lead your daily life. But don't be too sluggish and lazy; little bit of exercise and limb movements is great for the upcoming delivery. This is a phase of consolidation and retention - most probably you'll be asked to get ready for the labor, by applying your mind for the event.

At this stage your baby typically weighs a hefty 2 kg and measure about 18 inches in length. The head too will have grown to a size of around 9 cm. Your baby would have become a big guzzler of more than a pint of amniotic fluid every day.

Surprisingly, you will also start gaining a lot of weight (500 g) every week, of which more than half is exclusively reserved for your baby.

At this critical stage you may wish to eat and drink more. This is quite normal as you need the nutrients to sustain your baby. Both you and your tiny baby need the energy to sustain bodily growth. It may be advisable to take a calcium supplement. Your baby constantly draws calcium from your body to build her bone structure. Consult your doctor to seek opinions on taking calcium supplements. Your doctor most likely will recommend a good calcium supplement to counter the loss in calcium from your body.

At roughly the 33 week baby development stage your baby starts using her lungs to mimic breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. She does this "practice' trouble free air inhalation, soon after delivery.

There is a perfect balance between the intake of amniotic fluid and the excretion of digested amniotic fluid. Hair is also growing rapidly, while the toe and finger nails harden and start growing longer. Sometimes her nails grow so rapidly that you'll have to trim them soon after birth! In fact, there are many cases of unborn babies scratching their face even before birth!

As you enter the 33 week baby development stage, you may need to be very calm and relaxed. Best advice is to be mentally active and alert to prepare for the approaching labor.

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