Unlock The 34 Week Baby Development Facts

Unlock The 34 Week Baby Development Facts


The 34 week baby development stage is yet another important milestone in your entire pregnancy cycle. You're almost near the end of your pregnancy! Soon you'll be the proud mother of a beautiful, pretty, fit and healthy baby!

The last remaining few weeks of your pregnancy could really be tiring and uncomfortable. And you may even start feeling a bit worried about the health of your baby. That's normal.

Also, the extreme weight of your baby and body really applies a lot of pressure, which is largely responsible to make you feel terribly tired and listless. However, these things are quite common. Despite this, you'll need to be active and alert and conserve your energy for the big day.

During this time period, you'll most probably be tested for Group B Streptococcus infection, either in your uterine canal or in your rectal area. This is a fancy word for a bacterial infection. This bacteria may cause problems for your baby.

It is known to cause diseases like meningitis, bacterial blood infections, and pneumonia. In the unlikely chance that you prove positive for this test, your doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to treat it.

As you get ready for the labor, you may also start thinking about the kind of relationship that you're going to establish with your baby. Adding a new member to the family could be very thrilling and exciting, as well as a big responsibility. Most probably, you may also start feeling the big sense of responsibility for caring for your baby. You can even strengthen the family ties. A new addition to your family often keeps all other members on their toes.

The 34 week baby development phase is a period of rapid growth and quick development. Your baby will now be about 18 inches in length and about 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) in weight. Should your baby be born now, she will most likely be able to survive outside the womb.

Excessive fat starts appearing on the body, while her eyes are getting very responsive to changing light stimulation. The finger nails are completely formed with longish nails ready for instant clipping soon after delivery.

At about the 34 week baby development stage some women experiences the baby turning her head towards a posterior or down position to get ready for the delivery! Of course, the skull is still very tender to help a smooth delivery - should it be necessary.

Your baby has also developed a perfect sense of hearing. That's one of the reasons why she can be calmed by your low and smooth voice.

Also, your baby developed an immunity against ordinary infections and illnesses. She's inhaling amniotic fluid at a furious rate to mimic breathing.

But for now, enjoy the last peace and quiet… before you hear how well her lungs have really developed.

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