3.5 Month Old Development

I have a few concerns about my 3.5 month old development. He doesn't follow objects yet. He also doesn't turn towards my voice or my husbands, but I know he can hear because he startles. My husband and I will talk to him and he doesn't look at us. Occasionally he will look at us and make eye contact and smile. He doesn't swipe at objects and he doesn't push off with his legs on a firm surface. He coos and smiles though when he makes direct eye contact. I just can't seem to get his attention.

Is this okay? What do you suggest I do now?

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Cannot seem to get his attention
by: Anonymous

If you cannot seem to get his attention, it could just be that he is not ready to give it just yet. Babies and their milestones can vary quite a bit even though their IQ and abilities later in life may be on par. And some babies are naturally serene; even phlegmatic. As long he is eating well and seems healthy and happy.

Give it some more time and if you then still feel as though you baby is not hitting the milestones as and when he should be then you should have it checked.

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