3 Month Old Baby Development

During the 3 month old baby development phase you get the rare opportunity to see how your baby transforms into a bundle of joy and happiness. Now, your baby becomes quite a social and friendly character. When you come near her, she will start showing warmth and happiness. And when you talk to her in whispering tones, she will attempt to return the compliments with a series of babbles and murmurs!


  • Movement and colorful toys will attract her attention. Her fingers are more relaxed now and she can move her fingers to some extent. When you place an object in front of her face, she may try to reach for it and she may even hold it if it is within the reach.

  • If placed on her tummy, she will show an urge to lift her head up, while she will push forward her chest with very small jerky movements.

  • During this period your baby must strengthen her arms, neck and legs. 3 month old baby development

  • Her neck muscles will be stronger now and she can move her head sideways with a sense of purpose.
  • Another remarkable transformation during 3 month old baby development is the somewhat regularized sleeping pattern. At the end of the third month, her sleeping and waking pattern will be more or less settled. She may still cry continuously for your attention, but in many cases this nonstop crying may be due to hunger or distress.

  • Your baby may also pick another habit that may become a regular feature for another year… sucking her finger because she's bored or even to feel secure. Many parents give their baby a smooth dummy or teether for comfort. Her sucking habit will slow disappear and it may totally disappear towards the end of the first year.

Top Tips

  • Despite many opinions, a dummy is still an effective aid to learn and develop muscle-mind coordination techniques.

  • You can also introduce advanced toys, teethers, a squeaky toy, a rattle or a small plastic bottle for stimulation and to learn new skills. Feel free to hang them on the top bar of the baby's crib and watch your baby reach for them in no time. These little toys are excellent in developing the whole body systems in one go; these exercises will integrate many activities like seeing, reaching, feeling and tasting on one single object. 3 month old baby development

  • This period also demands that you and your entire family get close to your baby. Recent research findings suggest that babies who constantly mingle with their family develops good mental growth and abilities. So, you may wish to make an honest effort to reach out to your kid by associating with her right throughout day and night.

  • During this month, your baby will be learning that when she carries out a specific action, her mother will also perform a specific action. More often, this is a mutually pleasing action and reaction that you and your baby perform together.

  • Another thing she learns is to explore new things and ways around her. As your baby masters one particular skill, she automatically moves on to learn other skills. So hey, please keep your baby stimulated!

3 month old baby development also provides a unique insight on many developmental stages and profiles such as::

Physical Changes

  • Your baby can roll her body from side to side

  • She can also fully stretch out her arms and legs

  • She plays with her hands 3 month old baby development

  • She holds small toys and rattles for a long time

  • Swiping with her arms also starts in the third month and this action becomes a sort of exercise for her.

  • She holds her head to look at things and objects.

Mental Changes

  • She now learns a “cause and effect” game

  • She learns skills one by one after mastering any one particular skill..

  • She discovers that she has a pair each of arms and legs!

  • mental ability improves rapidly, and…

  • She starts appreciating colorful and highly contrasting images. 3 month old baby development

  • Pattern of cries are varied and depend on specific needs..

Verbal Communication Skills

  • She uses more advanced vowel sounds, even though they are still unclear and beyond your understanding.

  • She also expresses her happiness by frequently smiling and laughing.

Social Changes

  • She establishes eye contact with you and focuses on your facial expressions.

  • She can differentiate between you and strangers. Make sure your spouse is involved in the baby nursing process.

  • She stops crying as soon as you enter the room and approach her. This becomes a practice when she starts to recognize your voice.. 3 month old baby development

  • smiles beautifully at you and your spouse; be prepared to enjoy those happy moments.

Final words

The 3 month old baby development stage is a critical period for you and for your baby. She loves your company and companionship. And the quality time you spend with her significantly improves her mental and social development.

Now it is the time to complete all those milestone columns in the Baby Book. And if you're uncertain about your baby's progress, please read our free 6 Truths ebook, or for more detailed information click here, or speak to your doctor.

Above all, remember the golden rule

If in doubt, seek assistance rather too soon than too late!

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