4 Month Old Baby Development

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In the 4 month old baby development phase you'll notice an amazing turnaround in your baby's personality.

You'll notice a big difference between that small and frail figure during the first three months and the bubbly and sweet natured individual radiating bright and beautiful smiles.

The first three months have been one big roller-coaster journey, where both you and your baby learned very valuable lessons. It was also a fantastic growth period of her entire body system with a number of motor and muscle functions. However, most of these learning patterns were random and automatic without actual and conscious control. 4 month old baby development

In the coming month, everything changes for the better! Now, your baby learns what exactly she is doing and why she has been doing it.

During the 4 month old baby development process, your baby will display many unique and special growth patterns and changes such as:

Physical Changes

  • There are definite and visible signs of your baby doing tasks with a purpose or reason. In the previous months, whatever she did was purely involuntary and things she did were merely the result of normal development. Now, she is ready to bring and pool together all those different thought processes and skills to develop a purposeful behavior.

  • Your baby stands up with help from you. 4 month old baby development

  • She rolls from lying on her back to the side; this takes some skill and physical strength to do.

  • She also lifts her head up to about 90 degrees to look at things, objects and faces.

  • She sits with support and with arms propped up.

  • She can easily reach for small toys and objects on her own.

Mental Changes

  • Your baby forms and designs mental pictures of clues you give her.

  • She also identifies and begins to associate names and faces. 4 month old baby development

  • She's active enough to explore things by actually tasting them.

  • She is constantly exploring and studying new things around her.

Verbal Communication Changes

  • She plays around with the shape of her mouth to make different words and sounds.

  • And you'll hear brief sputtering and babbles… too difficult to understand.

Social Changes

  • Laughing hard and wild when tickled under her arm pits or sides

  • A sort of greeting gesture when she sees you and your spouse 4 month old baby development

  • She may even show some special social gestures like moving her arms up and down signaling you to pick her up.

  • An intense liking for spells of social interaction with her parents

Important Milestones

  • By the end of fourth month, your baby will have an extended workload - she'll be busy

  • Her sleep patterns will stabilize and the sleep-wake pattern will have a definite cycle.

  • She may become fussier and may often demand your attention. 4 month old baby development

Important Tips

  • Give her enough opportunities and chances to develop her physical strength and coordination. Your baby must be able to move freely without any hindrance. Never dress up your baby with tight fitting cloths. Try to dress using comfortable loose-fitting clothes.

  • She will also like low ambient lighting in her room. Harsh lights may be disturbing while she sleeps. Her room must be sufficiently warm and comfortable to make her feel safe and secure.

  • Baby's cot must be large enough to facilitate free body movements. However, ensure that her legs and arms can dangle between the bars. 4 month old baby development

  • A clear view will help her to look in all directions around the cot. Place the cot to allow a good view to all sides.

  • One of the most important aspects of baby care is to help equal development on both sides of her body. You may wish to feed her alternatively from one side to the other.

Points to Ponder

  • Baby development at 4 months is a period of intense learning and getting new skills.

  • To make this easier, buy a variety of toys, colorful rattle tools and smooth teethers. Musical instruments and wind chimes are other playthings to stimulate and encourage her development.

  • Allow sufficient time for regular exercises to develop a strong muscle system. Let her spend some time on her tummy each day. And allow her to crawl for some time.

  • Take time to interact with your baby throughout the day. This stimulates the development of her social skills.

  • For the first four to six months, your baby gets all the required nutrients she needs from your breast milk or infant formula milk. Nevertheless, parents are always very eager to start their babies on solid foods. Do not rush! Talk to your doctor before giving her solid foods.. 4 month old baby development

  • Lastly, your baby is unique and reaches important development milestones at her own pace. Do not force your baby to reach important milestones. But do continue to give appropriate encouragement and stimulation using some of the guidelines given here.

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