5 Month Old Baby Development

In the 5 month old baby development stage, your baby is rapidly learning her skills and life's invaluable lessons.

In the previous three or four months, she learned some very basic skills like holding her head upright and bringing her hands together.  However, in this month, she will master a number of important tasks and challenges.

The most important progress she displays now is head and body control to help her see and reach out to people and objects within her near vicinity.

Very Noticeable

During this month, your baby can most likely prop herself up in a slow but sure manner and hold her head upright throughout the entire movement. She can also closely follow and observe in detail the movement and activities of people around her. 5 month old baby development

When you lay down your baby on her tummy, she can easily lift her head up and later push up on her arm's support to see what is going on around her. This is probably the most important developmental step in her 5th month.

A number of significant changes occur during the 5 month old baby development cycle. Let's look at a few:

Physical Changes

  • Your baby can now roll over from her front to the back, with a swift and precise movement. She will use her shoulders and back, to roll over to tummy down position, so that she can rest her whole body on her elbows and tummy

  • 5 month old babies develop a tendency to grab their toes and play with them; this action will eventually lead to putting the toes in their month

  • Right now, she can attempt to wiggle forward on the floor by using her elbows and chest

  • Her ability to identify things and objects improves day by day and at the end of the fifth month, she can reach for desired object with a good aim or "hit rate" 5 month old baby developme

  • Another remarkable changeover from the preceding months is her enhanced ability to transfer small objects from one hand to the other. On the flipside, she also develops the habit of releasing the object on purpose. This is probably due to perceived relaxation on the object or due to expression of interest or desire on other nearby objects. Experts call this special acquisition or development of skill to as "skills of reach and grasp-release"

Mental Changes

  • Your baby might show a keen interest in different colors and their hues or shades.

  • During 5 month old baby development phase, your baby tends to be overtly extrovert and friendly; watch her radiating face, smiling at parents and other people. Researchers attribute this friendly attitude to a concept called "face watching", when a baby will attempt hard to create an image of the object, by using a comparison analysis; it is more common for babies to like human faces better than anything else is.

  • Things, faces and objects will help your baby to broaden and enrich the overall concept of recognition

  • She also develops a strong urge of discarding or rejecting those objects or things that she feels are not good for her 5 month old baby developme

  • She will also develop a tendency to make or take decisions about certain scenarios that occur around her

  • Another important, but negative development is the natural dissipation of the desired character of "extroversion". In a short time, she is more likely to develop grave reservations about strangers that make her to cling close to her mother or father

Verbal Communication Changes  

  • Though there are no noticeable changes with regard to baby's verbal skills, she can still babble and attempt to mimic a wide variety of sounds

  • She will also try to add many incomprehensible words to her vocabulary.  

Social Changes

  • She is very attentive and agile to concentrate on the person, who is speaking to her

  • As you talk to your baby, she will turn her head towards you and utter many incomprehensible words

  • She can also watch your mouth movements and facial expressions.

Something Important

  • The sense of physical touch is very important in the 5 month old baby development phase. It is the easiest way your baby now learns and understands. Your baby will enjoy you touching her and she will like to touch you and feel your warmth!

This is probably also the right time for you to check the overall health of your baby.

Checking Hearing

At this age, you baby must be able to pinpoint the source from where the sound signals are emerging. If your baby has some hearing problems, you can easily find that out by standing in a corner of the room and address her with her pet name. If there are no signs of hearing impairment, then she will respond immediately to the signal and try to locate the source of the sound

Checking Sight

If your baby is staring blankly at an empty space, then you will need to take immediate action to consult your doctor immediately.

Home is where your baby's heart is!

Your dear home is your baby's new home too! She is beginning to understand the surroundings and ambience of her home. Make your baby feel at home, by carrying around her inside the house. The 5 month old baby development phase is one that is full of adventure for your baby; she is slowly beginning to move around at her own pace and explore her strange surroundings very keenly. Though she may take some time to accustomed with her house, she will eventually start feeling at home with a sense of ownership!


Ensure that the entire floor area is clean and free of clutter. The floor is where your baby is going to spend some time. Make sure, that there no dangerous obstructions, breakable, dangerous and hazardous articles that will endanger your baby's life. Once you feel that her growth is following the suggested performance indictors, you can introduce her to many advanced toys and play utilities.

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