6 Month Old Baby Development

The 6 month old baby development phase is one of continuous development. Your baby improves by leaps and bounds. And she is getting accustomed to the new world with renewed vigor.

Her newfound love for exploring and studying new things will help her learn new skills and tasks. Now that she is halfway through her first year of life, she will have a series of distinguishing qualities that are very specific to 6 month old baby development.

Physical Changes

  • One of the remarkable developments of this particular month is your baby's ability to sit unsupported for some time. However, she may need more time before she can sit unsupported for longer periods. 6 month old baby development

  • The most pleasing change is perhaps the baby-rolling act. Your baby can roll over on both sides. She tends to get adventurous and daring while she is rolling over by uttering senseless words!

  • She also stands by leaning on other objects like chairs and tables. However, you may need to support her in the beginning since her legs and pelvic bones are still fragile and weak.

  • She uses her hands with very good effect. She points at objects and things lying in near vicinity.

  • She picks up small objects by using her thumbs and fingers. And she can also reach for objects by bending her body.

  • She thinks she needs little help from her parents when eating. Her ability to drink from a bottle or cup now improves rapidly.

  • To get her daily dose of exercise, she often rocks her body by resting on her hands and knees!

Mental Changes

  • Her mental sharpness gets better by the day. It becomes easy for her to study and understand things and objects. 6 month old baby development

  • However, she still concentrates only on one thing at a time. She may pick up interesting and attractive objects to study.

  • She often starts analyzing her preferred or favorite object and arrive at a conclusion on what to do with it… especially her toys.

  • She can even understand nesting of these objects and understand that a particular object might be behind some other objects.

Verbal Communication Changes  

  • She now utters many types of longer words. And she makes varied sounds by babbling.

  • Her ability to make sounds with varied pitch and tone also increases during the 6 month old baby development stage. 6 month old baby development

  • Sometimes, she may even make two-syllable sounds that are mostly difficult to understand

Social Changes

  • Socially, she develops many qualities to help her mingle and associate with family members.

  • She mimics your actions, talk and facial expressions

  • She also strongly expresses her moods, by making various types of sounds and body movements.

  • However, she's likely to develop a strong dislike for strange friends and guests.

  • When you call her by name, she responds by turning her head and smiles.

  • It is to be expected that she needs more comfort and security during the 6 month old baby development phase. She may even raise her hands and demand that you pick her up.

  • She likes her own reflections and shadows in mirrors.


Many professionals disagree on how exactly babies use their hands to pick up things from the floor. However, at the end of the sixth month of development, a baby will use just one hand to pick things up from the floor. Most babies seem to prefer using one hand for a while and then switch to the other.

Attention seeking behavior

One important thing you'll notice is… 6 month old baby development

Your baby begins to vary and change her attention-seeking acts beyond just crying. Expect her to work hard to draw your attention by wriggling, making noises, and other actions. Over the next three months or so, she will develop a uniquely personal and special way of letting you know and understand what she thinks, wants, and demands.

Story hours

Reading and telling stories in a loud voice to your baby now becomes very valuable. She will enjoy looking at bright and colorful pictures. Reading to your baby will give you a chance for cuddling and socializing with her. 6 month old baby development

About teaching words

  • When you talk to your baby, be sure to use short, concise and easy to hear words.

  • Teach your baby easy-to-speak and single syllable words

  • Experts believe that talking to babies using different words will definitely improve their language skills. Remember, your baby tries to simultaneously learn action and words.

Final thoughts

Remember that each baby is unique and special and meets physical growth milestones at different paces.

Though there are many definitions of a "typical baby", it is often very difficult to find that special baby, who meets every growth parameters within the suggested events calendar. For more on what exactly to expect, please click here.

If you suspect any development problems, contact your doctor as soon as possible. For more on handling suspected 6 month old baby development problems, please read our ebook by clicking here.

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