7 Month Old Does Not Sit

My grandson, a 7 month old, does not sit by himself yet? He can hold his bottle and sippy cup, and he also can get all over the house doing the "worm", but can't sit up. Is this still OK? What suggestions do you have to help develop this skill?

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Sit Alone
by: Anonymous

My baby boy did not sit alone until he was 8 months old. I began practicing with him at about 7 months, since he had just figured out how to roll over at the end of 5 months. At 1st I would prop him up on the sofa and play with toys with him while he sat there.

After 1-2 weeks of that, I would sit him on the floor with pillows on both sides of him & behind him. I would try to keep his attention on something fun in front of him. When he would tilt over I would help him up and continue until he had enough. I believe these things helped but it took about 6 weeks before he would sit alone and stay balanced.

I think some babies, like mine, don't realize what they are physically capable of until we show and prompt them. I'm now in the process of getting mine to stand alone and walk while holding on to things, at 14 months! :)

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