7 Month Old Baby Development

The 7 month old baby development is a phase of learning new and innovative skills.

She can now do many tasks and exercises on her own and that do not need any help from you. She forms a different outlook of the world around her. And she tries to grasp and understand her surroundings.

Obvious Things

  • Her personality regarding likes, dislikes and preferences changes drastically. In fact, she may display a remarkable like and dislike for things she uses… or even towards the people she meets.

  • Your baby can play by herself in bed. She rolls over and reaches for things in the near vicinity. She likes to make noises and sounds that are quite beyond your understanding, but very pleasing and music-like to your ears. 7 month old baby development

  • A definite thing she may develop in the 7 month old baby development phase is using her hands to touch, feel, explore and examine things.  She even mouths things with her tongue!

The 7 month old baby development is a series of significant developmental processes and steps that help your baby become a better person in her life:

Physical Changes

  • Your baby learns to hold things with her hands, especially her fingers and palm. However, it is still too early for her to hold objects by using her forefingers and thumbs.

  • She masters the "letting-it-go" behavior, by dropping objects with controlled intent.

  • The 7 month old baby development is also the time to perfect and make her "grasp-release" movement more efficient. 7 month old baby development

  • She also practices throwing things away from her body, just to check how far it travels… and then listens to the sound it makes when hitting the floor.

  • She may also show an early sign of picking up or retrieving objects she has just thrown… though it is still to early for her to properly master this skill.

Mental Changes

  • Your baby may try to create or form ideas in her brain about some objects or faces. She also compares different objects with each other.

  • The next big step in your baby's development is to learn that objects and things exist… even if they are out of sight. 7 month old baby development

Verbal Communication Changes

  • Your baby is fine-tuning many everyday things and feelings to master her verbal skills.

  • She is constantly making muted and unclear words like "babababa" or "papapapa".

  • She also develops a habit of listening to external sound stimuli coming from your mouth or from other sources.

  • She expresses her likes, dislikes, displeasure and happiness by crying in different tones and intensity.

  • However, her verbal communication skill is still in its basic phase and will steadily develop in the coming months.

Social Changes

  • She mimics your facial expressions and gestures. This is often a sign of social adjustment to join her life with those of the people around her.

  • She also exhibits different moods with varied and various types of sounds and body movements.

  • A likely negative quality that may develop during this stage is a tendency to reject visitors and strangers. Most often she experiences a sense of insecurity and shyness.

  • She becomes friendly with you and your spouse, and she instantly responds to her name.

  • She definitely demands your attention and she'll raise her arms to signal you to pick her up.

  • She likes to look at her own image and images of other objects in a mirror.


During the 7 month old baby development phase, your baby needs constant care and affection. Give her a favorable and proper atmosphere to develop normally and happily.

First Tooth

Some babies develop the fist sign of teething! Watch out for this wonderful development! You can expect to see the two upper central teeth, then the two lower ones! 7 month old baby development


This development phase is critical. Give her many objects, things, toys and playthings to make her mind and brain sharper and sensitive.

Some of the toys you should consider are:

  • Bathing toys like swimming ducks and boats

  • Nursery and music chimes

  • Squeaky and rattling toys 7 month old baby development

  • Any other soft toys that help her in learning recognition and identifying skills

A Few Other Things

Your baby will just love to bounce on her bed!

  • She will also support her weight on her legs.

  • She may even be able get into a sitting position from lying on her stomach, by pushing up slowly on her arms and elbows.

  • There are also first visible hints of her wild behavior, when tries to throw things away from her and sometimes at your face! Consider starting your discipline to limit her wild behavior. Use instructive words like "NO" and "DON'T".

Things To Remember

Remember that these developments normally happen automatically… with perfect health conditions. But if you suspect that your child is not mastering these milestones, you may want to check this resource out or alternatively, consult your doctor to discuss the problem. 7 month old baby development

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