8 Month Old Does Not Sit By Herself

by Jayanthi

My daughter, a 8 month old, does not sit by herself yet? She holds her bottle and sippy cup, stands while holding onto something, can crawl using her chest, but can't sit up by herself. If you make her sit with support, she can sit for a long time.

Is this still OK? What suggestions do you have to help develop this skill?

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Sitting Up
by: Margaret Watson

Your delightful little girl is sitting up and seems quite light in build. So, her balance is obviously Ok. Was she born prematurely as this can delay matters? Has she reached other milestones on time such as being able to lift her head up and roll from front to back by 6 months? Usually a child who can roll back and forth will soon learn to sit independently.

You say she can stand. If you hold her on your lap will she lean forward, even for a few seconds? I have to admit that most, although not all, children can sit by this age. I suggest you visit a pediatrician who can reassure you. If you have a video of your daughter, take that so he can see what she is capable of - some children will freeze in a doctor?s office.

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