9 Months old development

by Sharon
(Martinsburg, WV)

My granddaughter's 9 months old development concerns me. She hasn't turned over yet by herself, she hasn't even tried to sit up yet, doesn't crawl or try to pull up. She seems to be a very happy baby, and if put in a sitting position, she can sit there for quite a long time before falling over, but has no interest in righting herself once she falls.

I am concerned, but don't want to mention it to my daughter if there is no reason for concern. My daughter isn't a very confident Mom, so I don't want to appear to criticize, or alarm her if not necessary.

On the other hand, if the child requires testing to catch something early, I don't want to miss that window of opportunity.

My granddaugter is a very happy baby, and seems to be very bright, but just isn't very physical at all. What's the best I should be doing right now?

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Development at 9 months

Your granddaughter's development at 9 months does seem to be somewhere behind average. Read this article to see what is expected. Was she born at full term as premature babies are less mature by the number of weeks they were early?

When you say she can sit, do you mean unsupported or only when well propped up? All babies develop at their own rate, but most can roll over by 6 months old and sit unsupported by 8 months, although this is only an average.

Have you tried lying her down and placing a favorite toy to one side where she can see it, but just out of reach? What happens? Baby should at least reach out towards the toy. However my youngest, and healthy, daughter just sat at nine months assessing us and her world and making no attempt to engage with it. Then suddenly she was off across the room after a ball someone had rolled. From then on she soon caught up and stood back for anyone.

Milestone development
by: Anonymous

Your granddaughter's milestone development do appear to be a bit on the slower side, but it may not be any cause for alarm, particularly if she seems intelligent. Perhaps she just has a phlegmatic and peaceful personality.

And if you don't mind my mentioning it, grandmothers do tend to get a little more hyper about babies than they need to; but if it worries you, why don't you have an informal chat with your granddaughter's pediatrician? That should put your mind at rest about her milestone development. And if there is any cause for concern, then you will have done the right thing anyway.

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