9 Month Old Baby Development

The 9 month old baby development phase is filled with excitement and thrill! Your baby just loves to go on playing for hours! She may literally refuse to go to sleep to play a little more!

It is fun time for her and a moment of frustration for you!

The most memorable moment of the entire development process is your baby's intentions to walk down the floor while holding on to a steady, but movable object! Right now, your cute baby will start developing a mind of her own and she uses it with good effect too! At last, there are some visible signs of your child seeking some independence.

Baby development at 36 weeks gives your baby wonderful opportunities of physical, mental and verbal communication growth:

Physical Changes

  • Your baby now raises herself to a standing and upright position from sitting down. Right now her pelvic and back region muscles are stronger and more flexible to withstand the stress of raising her body against gravity.

  • Your baby can stand alone and steady while holding on to someone or something like a chair or a table. She still spreads her feet wide apart to improve her balance. 9 month old baby development

  • She can use her hands to hold objects! She uses a "pincer-like-grasp" to hold tiny objects between her thumb and forefinger. All these month, her capacity to hold objects was just an involuntary act, but she uses her brain to pick objects and hold on to them.

  • She can also walk on her own while holding on to moving furniture.

  • Another remarkable physical development is to crawl using hands and knees; more often, your baby crawl ahead at a furious pace and stop for a break by rocking on the floor! 9 month old baby development

Mental Changes

  • During this month, your baby observes people and pay attention to their activities. She is effectively doing 2 things at the same time.

  • She manipulates and probes every part of an object with a keen mind. Her brain functions also improve rapidly.

  • Her vision and line of sight improves. She easily identifies the direction in which a particular object is lying on the floor.

  • She also develops a capacity to distinguish strangers from familiar faces. She may cling to you or try to hide when seeing a stranger. 9 month old baby development

Verbal Communication Skills

  • The flow of words your baby's been hearing and listening to since birth is slowly showing its magic.

  • By the end of 9th month, your baby will start speaking some clear and real words like "ma" and "pa".

  • During this month, your baby may also begin to understand words like "no" and "yes".

  • This month is also the stage of mimic intonation. She may vary the pitch of her babbles and cries based on the person with who she spends time. 9 month old baby development

Social Changes

  • Your baby likes to spend quality time with you and your spouse. She is also interested in playing simple games like Peek-a-boo.

  • Another favorite game she likes is playing with bath toys while having her bath. Floating ducks and boats are some of the most favorite toys. 9 month old baby development

Caution: Your baby is most likely a livewire now! Make your home accident-proof easy to swallow; choking is unfortunately a dangerous possibility.

Feeding Time

  • She starts eating on her own. You may also wish to visit your doctor to discuss the most nutritious menu plan for her.

Teething Problems

  • Teething may pose big problems to some kids, if not all. Ensure that you provide enough comfort to your baby while she is undergoing teething. Provide her plenty of very soft, jelly-filled teethers to overcome the uncomfortable sensation in her mouth..

General Things

  • 9 Month old baby development can very well be a difficult period as your baby may catch her first instance of coughing or flu.

  • If you are planning to travel outside, make sure that you carry along everything needed to manage your baby, including toys, books, dummies, her medicines and food. 9 month old baby development

    Some parents think of putting on shoes on the feet of the baby. However, this idea looks very attractive and healthy, you may wish to wait for some more time; experts believe that it is not a good idea to put on shoes, until a baby starts walking regularly throughout the day. 9 month old baby development

Points to Ponder

  • Never compare the growth of your baby with that of your friend's. If you believe that she is not developing as she should, consult your doctor or encourage her development by using the advice in this resource.

  • Keep a close watch on how your baby's hearing and sight. If you suspect problems, contact a qualified health professional immediately as soon as possible.

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