Activities At 3 And A Half Months

Hi there... I was just wondering about activities at 3 and a half months. I have a son who is now three and a half months old and I am not too sure on the types of things he should be doing? What should he be doing and how should I be helping?

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Activities For 3 Month Baby
by: Margaret Watson

Here are a few activities for 3 month baby. But first, from around 3 months of age a baby has learnt to focus at a distance. So this is the age when he begins to follow you round the room with his eyes. If supported he can sit and see what is going on while you can get on with tasks such as preparing meals.

It is also the age when he is preparing for independence by acquiring new skills such as being able to roll over. Encourage this by laying him on his tummy for a few minutes so that he can raise his head and push up with his arms. Sing and chat to your baby and he will learn to respond even if he doesn't understand all the words.

I can still remember the delight when my rather solemn second child laughed hilariously at the sound of an oft repeated poem by Spike Milligan. But almost anything will do, although don't get in the habit of sitting him in front of a cartoon video more than once in a while.

It is an age when a child is learning to control his limbs as well as his eyes so an activity bar with things to hit, push, tug etc within reach is a good idea. Enjoy. Before you know it he'll be a teenager.

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