Educational Toys For Improving The Age Baby Crawls!

Educational Toys For Improving The Age Baby Crawls At!

The one thing I'm often asked about the age Baby crawls at is...

"Is there a toy to help my baby learn this skill?”

This question recently got me thinking.

The obvious answer is, "yes". A roller for one does exactly that.

The problem is, rollers are mostly sold to therapists, can be fairly expensive and are not always readily available. That's why I've previously written about 2 do-it-yourself options.

But you'll agree that for most of us, we do not want to spend time making a roller. It simply takes too much time - we'd rather buy one.

So, the next question I can already hear you ask is...

"What Toys Can I Buy To Teach Baby To Crawl?"

Let's start off to clarify the exactly what we're looking for in such toys. If you get this right, finding the right toy is easy. And most likely the age Baby crawls or starts crawling at, is never again a concern.

You and I are still going to closely follow and use the 5P crawling system. But there's one difference.

Rather than using a roller, or making a replacement "sausage" with a towel, we'll be looking for toys to do the same task.

Once you get "it", you'll see that there are literally countless options.

Let's look at a few. I've included a picture and a short description of how to use it to make things a bit easier.

Note: In all cases the goal is to encourage Baby to spend time on her tummy while supporting herself on her elbows.

Me in the Mirror - hang the baby mirror on any vertical surface - just high enough so that Baby must rest on her elbows to reach. Place Baby on her tummy looking at the mirror to amuse herself. Remember, the goal is to let Baby spend time on her elbows... the first step to crawling.
Musical Activity Mirror - Let your baby look at herself in the mirror during tummy time. Suspend the mirror vertically. When she's batting at the toys or her arms are going everywhere during playtime, the sounds go off and the lights flash very easily.
My Baby Float - Use the side of the float as a roller or "sausage" replacement. Inflate to support her upper body while elbows are just touching the ground. Face her towards middle of the float. Put toys inside the float to amuse her.
Inflatable Kiddie Pool - an ideal multipurpose toy. Also use the pool side as a replacement roller. Baby on tummy facing the middle of the pool. Use the same technique as described above. Put toys in middle for amusement. Great thing is... toys do not get lost!
Baby Inflatable Pool - same use as previous toys, but slightly more multipurpose uses. Even use it for Baby to play in. Put toys inside the empty pool to keep her amused.
Pool Noodle Water Log - definitely the most durable article listed here. And of course, great multipurpose uses. Use is exactly as mentioned above. See also the 5P crawling system.

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