Arms raised and moving hands

My grandaughter is 6 months old, just beautiful and is doing everything early. I was wondering about the way her arms are always raised and she constantly has her little hands waving in a circular motion. I don't remember my kids doing this. She is very healthy, developing normally and doing things early. But it just seems almost as if she can't stop her little hands from waving in a circular motion. Has anyone else seen this before?

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Angelman syndrome
by: Anonymous

There is a syndrome called the Angelman syndrome which causes children to have their hands up all the time, and other problems. Have your child tested if they show the following signs:
- Hyperactivity
- Few hours of sleep needed
- Fascination with water
- developmental delay in speech
- walking seizures
- problems eating.

The syndrome is caused by a mutation of a gene or missing gene.

Hands up
by: Anonymous

My baby has been doing this since she was born and she was a premie!

Also this 7 month old baby
by: Anonymous

Yes, I recognize it. I have wondered and worried a little about the same thing. So, it is nice to see that many babies have that habit. I imagine him having invented a way to rid himself of excess energy since he does not crawl yet (but that is just my own theory).

Moving hands in circle
by: Anonymous

I'm just trying to find an answer to that question myself. My daughter is almost 5 months and does exactly the same thing. I wasn't sure why she kept raising her arms and spinning her hand at the wrist a lot. But it sounds like its fairly normal from reading other posts.

Completely normal
by: Anonymous

I don't know how long ago this was posted, but I just saw it today. My daughter did this all the time when she was a baby. None of my other children did it. I never worried about it. She is grown up (19) now and very bright... so definitely no need to worry.

Arms raised
by: Sandra

I don't think a baby raising his arms all the time is a problem. My forth baby(13 weeks old) has been doing this since about 1 month. It looks like he's riding a motorcycle! It's hilarious. None of my other 3 kids did anything like this.

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