Baby Cold

by Sue

Is a baby cold possible while I haven’t got it yet? My 3 week old baby caught my toddler's cold, but I don't have it yet. I am breastfeeding my baby. Is there anything I can do to help my baby avoid getting a fever or to get better sooner? Would it help if I deliberately caught her cold? Or would any new antibodies in my breastmilk have any effect on my baby at this stage?

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Baby colds
by: sailaja

There are 2500 types of colds and you cannot make your baby immune to all those. And unfortunately babies become ?immune? only when they get them. I am not saying as an infant he has to get all those. But I am saying that most of those he will surely get in his life time.

So do not bother too much about how to stop a cold! Start thinking how well you can comfort your child when he has a cold. I used a humidifier. Otherwise a cloth sprinkled with eucalyptus oil works wonders. You can also use oregano (slightly heated and coat removed) wrapped in a cloth. Hope this helps. Happy parenting.

Baby Cold

I think it will be worse if both of you get colds. Obviously first prize is if you can stay healthy to take care of your baby.

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