A Great Baby Crawling Technique For Infants Hating Tummy Time

A Great Baby Crawling Technique For Infants Hating Tummy Time

Getting your baby crawling maybe also one of your big aims right now. Today we know that tummy time is one of activities promoted by many child development specialists to encourage infants to eventually master this milestone. These experts confirmed that babies not spending time on their tummies often have some delays in theirmotor skill development.

Research found that tummy time is a great way for helping babies learn to push up, roll, sit up, crawl, and eventually pull to a standing position.

A common problem

But this is exactly where we come across a common problem.


Many parents complain that their child simply does not like being on his tummy. So, what should you do if this is also your child's experience?


Well, this page simply cannot cover all the options to overcome hating tummy time. But what's described below looks at one of the simple, yet very effective techniques to promote tummy time and crawling.


This technique is what I'd like to call the "baby-on-chest" technique. And it works well, especially if your baby is still young... although I've also seen good results with older babies of around 4-5 months and even a bit older.


So, let's look at this baby crawling techniques in a bit more detail.

Step 1: Put your baby on your chest. It's a very effective way to make your baby more used to tummy time...  which is the first step towards crawling

Baby on your chest

  1. Lie down (you) on the floor on your back.

  2. Put your baby on his tummy on your chest. The two of you will effectively almost be lying tummy-to-tummy

  3. Talk to him. Get his attention and try to get a positive response. One idea is to point to and identify his body parts (eyes, nose, arms, hands, etc.). Make it a fun experience. And try to encourage and interest with the tone of your voice when talking to him.

One of the things I see parents instinctively do, is to raise and lift their baby. This is great for keeping things great fun. And making things fun for your child is probably THE most important part of getting any baby crawling technique to work.


Although this exercise does not give immediately results, it's a powerful way to encourage and make your baby used to tummy time. And we know that is one of best frontrunners for crawling.

Make things as much fun as possible... one way of doing that is by lifting your baby a bit


My suggestion is to try this technique daily for about 2 weeks or even a bit longer before simply deciding that it doesn't work.


Another article you may want to read for encouraging tummy time, is this one.


Of course, I suggest you also have a look at the many other crawling-related articles on site for more information. You may just find one or more other ways or pieces of information to get your baby mobile.

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We know that what works for one baby doesn't necessarily work another. Many parents reported great results with the techniques and tips on this site. But what really worked for you?

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