Baby Development Chart

by Winnie
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My 7 months old son is not following the baby development chart an infant is supposed to follow! He doesn't crawl, sit, lift up his head when lying on his tummy, or roll over from front to back / vise versa. In short, he doesn't reach any of the milestones on the baby develop charts as expected. These aspects have been worrying me quite a bit.

I have referred this to my 2 pediatricians whom provided me different opinions. My first pediatrician referred me to the neurologist - afraid my son might have cerebral palsy. The other pediatrician told me not to worry as my baby is normal and he will do it later when he is ready.

I am really worried about his development. I hope to get some suggestions from you out there or to share the same experience if you have.

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It Is Too Early
by: Anonymous

I think it is too early to make any assumptions about your babies development. I wouldn't get worried just yet. But be on the lookout to track and measure your baby's progress to spot any problems should they occur.

Baby Development Course
by: radhika

I just went to the USA to do a baby development course. One of the important comments made was that late development is not good and should be taken care of as soon as possible. And if one acts fast, you can still make a big difference in overcoming slow development.

Professionals claim that delayed babies can be stimulated and become like any other kids if there is no brain injury. And even if there is a brain injury, their babies can become real close to what other kids are like.

They have proved it and I saw results. Also read the book on physically superb babies.

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