Baby development milestones

I had an eye opening experience regarding baby development milestones which many other parents can benefit from. Our baby was not sitting, crawling, etc. at 11 months. His pediatrician did not have any new suggestions for us, and did not find any problems after seeing the child several times for check ups, a cold, shots, etc. A state agency who helps with possible baby developmental delays for 0-3 year olds suggested, THANKFULLY, that we see an Ear, nose and throat specialist. This wonderful doctor found that fluid was trapped inside the baby's ear tube and probably had been for a LONG TIME. The baby didn't have a fever, or any other signs of fluid and it couldn't be seen, so it was missed by his pediatrician. He thought this might be the reason he was not sitting yet. He took care of the problem and within a week after that, the baby was sitting! Shortly after that he started to crawl.

Bottom line is, we had been working on the wrong problem. Don't make the same mistake we did. Find out if this is your baby's problem. This could have been done months before, if we had known.

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Fluid in Baby's ear
by: Irene Martinez, OTR/L

Finding fluid in Baby's ear is and eye opening experience, as it would normally not be the FIRST one to rule out. Normally babies don't crawl in a timely manner because: a) they do not get enough tummy time, which prepares their bodies to crawl b) they have been spending time in a walker or exersaucer, which hinders the natural muscle balance necessary for motor development.

The baby having fluid in the ear affected the motion receptors, which are located in the inner ear. This is very interesting because most fluid is usually in the middle ear. However, the delicate structures are connected.

Your experience highlights the importance of such a delicate balance in the motion receptors of the brain. It further emphasizes how adequate processing, or integration, of this sensation (movement) is of vital importance to healthy development.

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