Baby Does Not Roll Over

by DP

My daughter would be 10 months old soon. But my baby does not roll over onto her tummy yet. She can sit unsupported for a long time. And she likes to stand with support.

Am worried, not sure if this is fine, as my older kid rolled over onto his tummy when he was 5 months old.

Any comments or suggestions?

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Does not roll
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 8.5 months old and does not roll either way. I think she has "by accident" a few times and cries for an hour afterward. She can sit forever and likes to stand holding onto something. She has not started crawling yet. She can say up to 10 words.

I think all babies are different. It does make us worried as parents because doctors/others make standards on what a child should be doing at a certain age. I am a special education teacher and my take on it is: if s/he responds by turning when the name is called, he/she smiles, makes noises, interacts with others, etc... then the baby is okay. I know it is hard, but do not worry.

Won't roll over
by: Anonymous

My 3rd little boy still won?t roll over despite seeming more advanced than most babies his age. I am worried. He sits unsupported since 5 months 2 weeks old and he seems to understand a lot that goes on around him. But he just won?t roll over. He does it sometimes but you have to help him. I know that he is extremely long for his age. He is just exactly 6 months and he is 76cm (30in) and weighs 22lbs (10kg). So I am wondering whether his size may be hindering him, because he can?t seem to get his whole body to roll ove

Roll From Back To Tummy
by: Shoba

Don't worry... my baby also did not roll from back to tummy early on. He could sit unsupported from 7 months onwards, started crawling at 9 and a half months and rolled over from his back to tummy only after his 10th month. He is 11 months old now and he can walk with support.

It is easier for babies to roll from tummy onto their back. Is your baby crawling yet? Give her plenty of tummy time. This will get her moving and strengthen her muscles. Then put her on her back and wave a favorite toy just out of her reach.

You can also put her slightly on her side and she will figure out how to roll over from there. Do this a LOT.

Also, babies on the chubbier side need a little more time.

Some babies need a little more help initially, but they eventually catch up and sometimes surpass other babies :)

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