Baby Does Not Stand Up

Why does my baby not stand up yet? She is 11 month old, but does not get up or stand on her own - even by holding onto furniture or any solid object.

Is there anything wrong with her? Is there anything I can do to help speed up her development? I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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Baby stand
by: Anonymous

Here are a few tips for making baby stand with support:

1. Try toys like activity tables.
2. Put toys on furniture like couch and hold her near the back instead of under the arms.
3. While on tummy, show or hang toys up so she can look up and stretch that helps the muscles needed for standing.
4. Play lot of standing games.
5. Massage with baby oil from hip to ankles.
6. Initially since they are not used to touching the ground their feet will be sensitive. So, for a couple of days make them stand in a little water.
7. From sitting position when you lift your baby, give your fingers to hold and pull her up. Make sure your baby supports most of the weight.

Holding Her Hands
by: Courtney K

You can help her along by holding her hands. That will also help stengthen her physically. I don't really see anything wrong with her, however she may just be a slow learner. All babies learn at their own pace. For some reasons, some are just slower at things than others are. There is no explanation for it... just try to guide her along. That is a simple, but very effective way to encourage standing and walking.

She will eventually stand up. Before you know it, she will be walking and you will have difficulty keeping her out of trouble.

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