Baby Doesn't Crawl At 7 Months

by Tatjana

Please advise if it is ok if my baby doesn't crawl at 7 months. He doesn't want to use his arms, so he stays on his tummy.

Every baby we know, started to hold their head up almost from the 2nd - 3rd week, started to crawl from 5-6 months. Our baby started to hold his head up only from about the end of 2nd month after 10 classes of therapy.

Doctors say he is fine and that every baby is very individual.

Most of the babies we know started walking from 9 - 10 months. I do not know what to think. Are these babies too fast or our baby a bit too slow?

One difference I have seen is that all the fast developing babies woke up a few times during the night until about 1 year old. Our baby, however, slept from 22:30 to 7:30 from 2 months old.

I'll be very happy to hear any suggestions comments.

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Another non crawler
by: Anonymous

My daughter is about to be 8 months and
another non crawler. There is still NO crawling. She loves to be on her tummy, roll around and turn. She also sits and scoots wherever she wants to go. She leans on me so she can stand up. So maybe she'll skip the crawling and start walking next.

10 Months old not crawling
by: Anonymous

I'm a first time mum and have been very worried about my 10 month old not crawling. I thought something was wrong with her, but after reading all your comments and much research, it's good to know that everything will happen at her own pace... when she's good and ready. I will nevertheless try my best to stimulate and encourage her in every way I can.

Different crawling ages
by: mum of 3

I've got three sons and all had different crawling ages. My 4 year old started to walk at the grand old age of 18 months. At 10 months he was commando crawling and rolling to get to where he wanted but he seemed to be stuck "crawling" for a very long time. I guess he got very comfortable moving around that way. Now he is just like every other kid in the playground, but is very athletic and even has an exceptional talent in football/soccer. At the time I thought something was wrong, but it wasn't.

My 2.5 year old is autistic and didn't start walking until 19 months. It could have been that he was a late starter like his brother, so his autism may not have been a factor in this, but he was very late with all his milestones, including holding his head up, smiling, swallowing solids, babbling, eye contact. We thought he was deaf and even blind at one point! And he didn't crawl until he was well over a year old either.

My 7 month old is crawling and seems to be much faster in development than my other two!

Bottom line is that all seem to develop at different rates.

Can't crawl
by: Kinester

My daughter is eight months old and still can't crawl though she enjoys tummy time. As a first time mum I was worried, but my pediatrician assured me that all was well and that babies develop at their own time. Babies typically start crawling from 6-12 months.

Not crawling yet
by: Ivana

My son is 7 months old and hasn't started crawling yet. He is very healthy and a little bigger than an average baby. I find that he is also very strong and quite capable of crawling, but seems to be a little lazy to give it a go. I'm not worried but I hope he doesn't take on that kind of attitude as he grows up. Other than that he loves to walk around the house whilst I hold his hands and roll all over the place.

7Months and not crawling
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 7months and not crawling yet. She sits well and loves tummy time. She goes backwards and side to side, but she just faces plants when she tries to go forward. I try not to worry but I am a first time mommy and I have a friend with a little girl 6 weeks younger that is on the move. I am on the floor with her all the time in the evenings and all weekend. I guess she will in her own time.

Does not crawl yet
by: Anonymous

My baby is 8 months and does not crawl yet either. He rolls and scoots backwards to where he wants to go. I am not too worried. Developmentally, he is fine. Keep in mind that the crawling age is a range.

Not crawling at 9 months
by: isabel

My daughter is also not crawling at 9 months. She just turned 9 months this week and likes to sit. It takes her quite a while during the day to flip on to her belly. But she doesn?t crawl yet, more like drags herself backwards. I?m going to try some of the crawling tips, but am not worried either! My son was a huge baby who developed quickly. On the other hand, my daughter is a small baby who is learning at her own pace. When my son was a baby I always had other mothers comparing their boys to him, since he was off the growth charts. But I refuse to do that now. My daughter is perfect the way she is!

Won't crawl either
by: Anonymous

My baby is 8 months and won?t crawl either! I?m not worried. She can sit forever, and can roll side to side and she loves to stand and stands herself up when you hold her hands. Some babies skip it all together! My 1st daughter crawled at 8 months, but all babies are different. Just work with her when you can, she'll get there!

Baby Does Not Crawl At 7 Months
by: Anonymous

Wow, give your babes some time. If your baby does not crawl at 7 months it is not something to worry about too much yet. Some babies only start crawling in their 10-11 month, and walking after a year. Do not pressure your child. He will get there when his body is developed to move on to the next development stage. It usually all happens in time!

Own Speed Of Developing
by: Courtney K

The doctors are right. Every baby has their own speed of developing and learning. Try to help him along with the crawling. Try the crawling techniques described on this site. There are also special toys that help them crawl. They are not very expensive. I am not sure what the website is, but you could probably find them at a Amazon or Babies R US store.

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