Baby favors one side

by Just Me
(Metuchen, NJ)

I have noticed that my baby favors one side (his right) when he sleeps. I lay him on his back and his head automatically goes to the right.

When he is awake he likes to look towards his right side as well. He looks forward as well and to the left once in a while. But is this something to be concerned about?

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Rule out hemiplegia
by: Anonymous

I am sure it is nothing, but one thing you should try and rule out is a condition called hemiplegia, - this is something where the child not only shows a preference for one hand and foot but also seems unable to use the other properly. Hemiplegia is a form of cerebral palsy where one side of the body is dominant. This could require therapy... occupational, speech and language therapy possibly.

All the best.

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