Baby Gaining Weight

by Naida

My two cuties relaxing

My two cuties relaxing

One of my biggest concerns is about my baby gaining weight... or rather, the lack of it.

My 8 month old son is a teenie thing and I just don't understand why. My 4 year old daughter always was above the 95th percentile for everything. I'm extatic if my son reaches the 5th percentile.

He eats a ton and still the ounces are only creeping up super super slowly. What can I do to help him put on more weight?

He already eats:
- 2 jars in the morning with a little rice cereal and about 6 ounces of milk,
- has two more jars of vegetables and yogurt and rice cereal with another 6 ounces of milk for lunch, and
- 1-2 jars of veggies and fruit for dinner with another 6 ounces of milk and rice cereal.

Between all of those feedings he gets more milk and also gets up once every night for more milk.

I don't see when or how I could give this cutie more to eat or drink.

Any suggestions on any higher calorie foods or other things I should be feeding him to help him put on and keep on the weight?

Otherwise my son is doing great.

He's almost walking by himself, scoots, blabs a lot since he has to compete with his sister to be heard, rolls around and sits up by himself for long periods of time. He's developing great. It's just his weight I'm very concerned about.

I'm new to this site and so far I'm loving it - great job - keep it up!

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Different Percentiles
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of 5 children and they all grew at different rates and were all in different percentiles on the growth charts.

My youngest daughter always fell between the 5th and 10th percentile (she was 8lb 2oz at birth). She is 5 now and is pretty much the smallest kid in her class. I was always fretting about her weight gain as an infant. I tried many ways to fatten her up when she was a baby. I just could not understand why she was not chunky like my older 2 kids were as babies.

If your baby is developing normally then I would not worry. By the picture he looks healthy and happy. There is nothing you can do about genetics. He just may not be that big of a guy.
My husband was always very small as a child and he still is not a big guy. My daughter just gets this from his side of the family. She is lucky to be petite and thin naturally with a high metabolism. She will be thankful when she becomes a woman.

I understand your concern greatly. My youngest son is also small boned and always was in the tenth percentile. He was almost nine pounds at birth. He is 2 now and only weighs 25lbs. My oldest boy was that by one.

Bottom line is this, there is very little you can do about genetics. If development is OK, don?t worry too much about his weight.

Foods for Gaining Weight
by: Anonymous

I would discuss this issue with your doctor, but you could try higher calorie and higher fat foods for gaining weight.

My daughter loves avocado mixed with banana. Avocado is high in calories and fat (the good kind!). It is considered one of the world's healthiest foods too!

You could add a little safflower oil to your son's milk, but I would speak to your doctor about this before doing so. Safflower oil is also high in calories.

Tahini is another good option. You could spread this on whole wheat crackers or toast for extra calories and protein.

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