Baby hand movement

by Heather

My 7 month old is constantly moving his hands... finger tapping and opening and closing his hands (the gimme motion)CONSTANTLY. Is this normal? My other two kids never did this. What's your opinion?

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Development stages

All babies are different. They go through all the developmental stages in the same order, but not necessarily at the same speed. My youngest sat completely still in silence at the time when her sister was already using a spoon, walking round the furniture and climbing everywhere while chatting all day. Both grew up into very normal and intelligent women. Babies learn to control muscles in a gradual way from the center of the body outwards until eventually they learn to control fine movements with their fingers. Your baby has reached that stage. He has discovered something new he can do. Do other people think his movements are excessive, before you comment on them? Are you spending a lot of time alone with your youngest child so that you have lots of time to notice everything he does?

If you are still worried I suggest you ask your local clinic what they think about your child's development stage progress. They will be able to observe your baby movements objectively and then advise you.

Individual people
by: Anonymous

Your 7 month old is probably really entertaining right about now. If he is constantly moving his hands and doing something with them, this is probably because he finds his own hands fascinating and is probably enjoying doing different things with them ? sort of marveling at what all he can do with them!

Each day is fascinatingly new at this age, so I would not worry at all. If your older kids did not do this, it is probably just because kids are really little individual people with such a personality of their own, that they are not even like their own siblings!

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