Baby Is Not Crawling

by Anonymous

Our 10 month old baby is not crawling or even makes an attempt to start. When placed on his belly he pushes up fine and can stay in that position for quite some time.

He rarely tries to pull his legs under him and "rock". When he is pushed up against something (ie: the side of the crib) he does get on all fours and rock. Mostly however, when placed on his belly he just rolls over. He just started to walk while holding our hands but, that is really his only physical development.

He does not pull up, "cruise", get into sitting position, clap, or wave. What else can we do to get him moving? He's frustrated all the time now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Different Ages
by: Anonymous

Babies generally reach development milestones at different ages. Some babies never crawl at all. That happens. You say he holds your hand and moves that way. Perhaps that is the precursor to cruizing.

If you're really concerned, speak to your child nurse or some other medical person that knows you and your baby. But don't buy into the comparisons so many mothers like to get into as all babies do things at different ages.

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