Baby Is Not Grasping

My son will be 18 weeks (roughly 4 and a half months) this Sunday, but unfortunately this baby is not grasping anything yet. He puts his hands to his mouth, but he doesn't bat at toys or try to grab anything.

My husband and I will put things in his hands and he doesn't seem to notice. His development in all other areas is either right on or ahead. Should I be concerned? What can I do help improve his development? Any comments would be most appreciated.

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A Little Bit More Time
by: Courtney K.

I would not be concerned about it just yet. Try giving him just a little bit more time. If he is ahead on most of his ther development milestones, he should pick up on it before long. Try placing some kind of toy in his hand and he should try grabbing it.

If you are still concerned with his grasping development, ask your pediatrician to get an opinion on the subject.

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