Baby Is Not Rolling Over

by Sammy

My baby is not rolling over yet, despite following and tracking his milestones and development very carefully. He just turned 6 months. But the troubling thing is... he not rolling on to his tummy or tummy to back and is not able to sit up yet either.

I will help him to sit up and he will be okay for about 20 seconds. Then he just cries. I'm worried that maybe I'm not helping him enough. I know every baby is different, but whenever I read books or the Net, it always indicates at six months the baby should be doing this and that.

But when I see that my child is not doing it, it worries me. Do you have any suggestions?

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Baby is not rolling
by: Anonymous

My baby is not rolling too. She is 5months and not rolling over. It does concern me because it seems that all, if not most, of the other babies in my mothers group are rolling and have been doing so for a while. I am not too sure what we can do to help this development, but in every other way my little one is happy and normal. So, I think it is just her development... perhaps that is the same for your little one.

Some Babies Skip Different Milestones
by: Daycare Mommy

I've worked at a daycare for several years, and have seen many babies in the infant room achieve different milestones at different times and ages.

Then I had my son, and looked back at what those other babies were doing, and when I realize my son wasn't doing those things I started to get concerned.

My son just turned 7 months, and to this very day, he still won't roll over. He does however, sit up perfectly without any support. I asked his Doctor if this was okay, or something to worry about, and she said that a baby skipping rolling over, but sitting up independently, is no different than some babies who won't crawl, but just take right off walking! I wouldn't worry yourself, these little people learn and grow at their own pace :)

Sitting up and rolling
by: Anonymous

My baby is 5 1/2 months old, she has just started to sit up all by herself but I have had to put a lot of work in. I encouraged her to sit up for a few weeks (she would always fall down), but as each week as passed she got stronger and stronger. Now each day her strength grows and she can now sit alone.

The cushion is still there as she occasionally falls but she cannot roll over yet and hasn't got to grips with supporting herself with her hands.

She hasn't rolled over but I'm not too worried as she looks around and half rolls. She just doesn't seem bothered at the moment so I'm not going to worry. I am now making sure she has plenty of tummy time to encourage crawling. I guess rolling will come at some point.

Rolling Over
by: Anonymous

I would not be concerned just yet with a five month old not rolling over. My 12 month old nephew does not roll over or pull himself up from a lying position. He scoots instead of crawls. However, I am concerned about his development because of the lack of rolling over and pulling himself up to sitting from lying.

Not Rolling Over

My baby is 5 months old and he is also Not Rolling Over yet. There is a baby at his daycare with the same birthday, yet she is already rolling over. I am a little concerned, but I did some research. Of course, much of the information I got says not to worry. I also have 2 other children and they were already rolling over at this point to. Maybe a bit more development time is needed, but if you?re still worried, I suggest you talk to your doctor.

More Development Time Needed
by: Courtney K

I wouldn't be too worried right now. I think more development time is needed. It will just take him some more time. Keep helping him sit up. He should get the hang of it before long.

More Development Time
by: Sonali Sadiq

Perhaps your baby needs a little more development time. What we need to understand as mothers is that all babies are different & grow or start developing at different ages. My advice is to give your little one some time as he may need some more development time.

Every milestone mentioned in books or on the internet is a basic statistical calculation and not necessarily an exact expectation for all children. If you are worried, your baby will sense that. So my advice is to take it easy and give your baby all the love and attention. He will start developing on his own.

Another trick you can try is to make him sit next to you. Have a few of his favorite toys around him and keep a few pillows around him to support him and to avoid him being scared of falling over. Then start involving him in a small play activity. Maybe you can start playing peek-a-boo with him. By doing this for a few minutes every day he gets time to develop his confidence and strengthen his muscles? which will most definitely help.

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