Baby Is Not Sitting

by Sadaf
(Karachi, Pakistan)

My Son

My Son

My boy is completing his 1st year on 27 April 2008. However, my baby is not sitting and he is still unable to sit alone for short periods.

He can roll, but does not crawl yet. I have tried a lot of times to make him stand, but he doesn't do it. I have also tried using his walker, but he doesn't stand with this either.

Some times I feel that he cannot hear properly, since he can fall asleep in an environment with a lot of noise.

What should I do for him? Any advice I can try?

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Consult an Expert
by: Aida

Dearest Sadaf,

Being so far from you and your son, it it literally impossible to be specific with an answer. You also do not give sufficient details to be certain. But there is definitely something worth exploring carefully in what you describe.

My suggestion would be to take him to a pediatric specialist, or to a developmental pediatrician to get an expert and accurate opinion.

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