Baby Is Not Walking

by Lyndsey
(Exeter, Devon)

At 14 months old my baby is not walking or standing alone. He will walk unsteadily by holding onto a babywalker or my hands. But he still does not walk on his own.

I know he would enjoy everything so much more if he could walk like his little friends at nursery.

We try to encourage him but nothing seems to work. Any advice to get him walking?

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A Toy To Get Baby Walking
by: Dalene

Over the years there is one thing I have tried quite a few times to encourage babies to walk. And without exception this works very well.

The good news is also that I have not seen a baby who does not like to use this trick. All babies apparently like to do it.

Here it is:

Get a sturdy toy push wagon and fill it with wooden blocks to add a bit of weight in front.

This adds stability, prevents the wagon from accidentally falling over and creates a bit of extra rolling resistance. This extra weight makes the wagon heavier and a little bit more difficult to push which is exactly what you want right now.

Let your baby hold onto and push the wagon around. Start off by letting him push it around on an even carpet.

Once he is more comfortable pushing the wagon around, let him do the same on a smooth floor.

If you find that the wooden blocks do not add enough weight, you can even add something heavier, like a brick.

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