Baby learns math

by Stephen

Here are a few views on how my baby learns math.

When my son Jason was a baby and he was on the change table I used to play with him to keep him from wriggling.

I used to hold up each finger on my hand and count to five. Then when I got to five I would tickle his belly. As he got older and he got used to the five finger tickle, I increased it to a ten finger tickle.

As he got older we still played with counting and before he started prep classes he could count to a thousand and now he is in Grade 1… and he loves maths.

He is miles ahead of the other children in maths and picks up maths very easily.

Also my wife is a family day carer and she told me to give a reason right from baby stage, if I was going to say "NO" to anything that he did. I've done this and Jason thinks now. He thinks of what could happen for situations.

The only bad thing of this is when my wife went on a flight to another city; Jason was upset because he wondered what would happen if the wing fell off. But I asked him what would happen if the wing didn't fall off - it would land and mummy would arrive safely. And besides the plane is designed so that the wing will not fall off.

I also read to Jason right from newborn to now, every night.

Now in Grade 1 he reads very well and writes songs and keeps a diary of his day. These are activities that he likes and wants to do himself. We do not in any way, push him to do them. He just enjoys doing them.

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