Baby loves to play with her hands

by Allysa Lim
(KL, Malaysia)

A 6 months baby loves to play with her hands while she's drinking milk. She likes to stare at her fingers (both hands). Besides that, she also likes to hold her both hands together and touch her mouth (not suck, but just like bumping to her mouth). What is she doing or learning?

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6 months old
by: Anonymous

6 Months old is such a fun time with babies. They are just beginning to realise all the different things they can do with their hands. They marvel at their pretty fingers, then delight in the shape of their faces by feeling, and look astonished at the shape and feel of their toes and that they are a part of their own body! What you see is normal.

I remember my older baby at age 2 months (she was born with lots of hair) suddenly caught hold of a fistful of her own hair and then pulled, cried out in pain but could not figure out that she was responsible for her own pain! I had to pry her fingers out of her hair. Gosh they are so daft, incredibly funny and adorable at that age!

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