Baby not sitting up

My concern is about my baby NOT sitting up at 10 months. She cannot sit alone for more than one minute. Also she cannot stand even if we hold her hands, but she eats normally.

Is this normal? Must we do anything?

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Sit unsupported
by: Anonymous

Your baby can sit for a minute. Most babies can sit unsupported for 30 seconds by the time they are 8 months old. It takes this long for their muscles to be strong enough. Often they slip to one side simply because they are not that interested in sitting.

Your baby is probably just taking a little longer. Was she born early? If so do take this into account.

If you support her on your lap does she push down with her feet? If so she should eventually stand unaided. If she does not push down I suggest a check with a pediatrician.

To encourage her sitting skills try sitting on the floor and place baby sitting, back to you, so that she can support herself on her hands in front. If you place a few toys in front of her she will soon reach out with one hand and later both. Also try placing toys on something such as a sofa where baby can pull herself up.

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