Baby Rashes

by Trevy

My baby is 1 month old now. He cries a lot which I believe is normal, but my main worry is that there are some baby rashes on his face only. Is this normal? Any suggestions or comments that may help?

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Baby Rashes
by: Happy Mother

I've also struggled with rashes on my baby's skin. It disappeared very quickly after I've started using Elizabeth Anne's Petroleum Cream with lavender and cammomile. Try this, it may work for you too.

Maybe Baby Acne
by: AIda

Most newborns develop some kind of small little pimples that should be treated, but pose no threat. However, if a baby shows redness in certain areas of the face or seems to have some sort of baby acne condition you should definetly visit your pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist.

Newborns are getting used to being exposed to light, air, and many other environmental factors that come into play. This doesn't mean that a baby will be crying most of the time. A normal healthy newborn sleeps mostly all day and cries only when:
- needing a diaper change
- it's hot
- it's cold
- it's hungry
- it has colic
- it wants to be held

If a baby cries more often than not, tell your doctor. It can be many things among which is acid reflex, and lactose intolerance which can cause rashes in the baby's face and bottom.

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