Baby rolling over

We have a baby rolling over very early. We just had our second child, a strong little baby boy. However at 2 1/2 weeks he already started to roll from stomach to back and while we just brushed it down to a fluke, he is now 3 1/2 weeks and rolls from stomach to back then back to stomach and rolled right off his play mat.

I’m at a loss to explain this and was hoping someone might have some answers as it actually creates unwanted problems this early on. We'd much rather prefer him just to lay still and sleep like an angel.

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Infant rolling over
by: Anonymous

All babies develop at their own speed which is not necessarily the same speed as the text books tell us. The same applies to your infant rolling over. Perhaps you have a future gymnast in the family. I once saw a premature baby of only 32 weeks roll over and off the little mat in his incubator. This was not a fluke as he did it several times a day from then on.

I can only suggest you get well prepared - I had a 10 month old who climbed a 6 foot bookcase before she could walk! Your son will probably sit up and crawl early so if you have stairs make sure you buy a secure gate well before you think he is capable of crawling towards them.

Rolling rather early
by: Anonymous

I took my baby to the doctor where they've seen him roll over. She commented that I really should watch him because he is rolling rather early and not supposed to do so until 3-4months. He was born 3weeks late, so maybe that is why... but it is crazy. He even holds his bottles when I don't breast feed.

Prevent baby from rolling over
by: Anonymous

I can imagine the problems posed by your little roller, but I doubt you can do anything to prevent baby from rolling over. All you can do at this stage is give extra care to his safety and security, by keeping him where he cannot hurt himself or roll off any edges. Use extra cushions or bolsters and so on, to prevent baby from rolling over quite so much. Give him some tummy time, this should tire him a bit and make him sleep well.

One thing you should be careful about is not to let him roll over and sleep on his stomach this early in life since sleeping on the tummy is associated with greater cot death risk. You may want to use sleep positioners and so on for this.

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