Baby Stands Too Early

by Y
(London, UK)

Is there any harm done if my baby stands too early? I've been allowing my daughter to stand up on my lap supporting her around the middle, because she wants to, ever since she was a few weeks old - she is now 14 weeks. Some parents say that's bad. Is it true?

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Not Harmful
by: Catherine

We had this question at one of our sessions with a Child Health Nurse and Physiotherapist. They said that it's only harmful if a baby stands for a long period, but this would rarely happen because a baby would get bored and move to another position or on to a new activity.

Early Standing
by: Margaret Watson

Early standing is usually not what parents worry about. As long as you support your daughter she will come to little harm. Usually parents worry about the opposite problem - a child who is slow to stand. My oldest daughter was walking around the furniture at 7 months to the horror of my neighbors. Her sister on the other hand did not attempt to stand until she was one year old. These are both examples of normal development. Generally a child who weighs less will stand earlier than one who is overweight. Don't worry and enjoy your daughter?s increasing abilities

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