Baby Throwing Things

by Rebecca
(Limerick, Maine, USA)

A baby throwing things is apparently a normal means of learning. They drop things, especially from a highchair, to:

- see how the object will land
- to see what happens when it falls
- what sound the object makes when it hits the floor
- whether the object rolls away, etc.

My daughter is now 15 months old and still enjoys throwing food as well as other objects on to the floor.

I accept that dropping things is a normal baby developmental phase, but when should this behavior be discouraged? Any advice?

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Other Options For Throwing Things
by: Aida

I would not so much want to discourage your baby throwing things, but perhaps consider giving her other options for now.

Here are a few ideas:

If she wants to keep discovering noise give her a large empty plastic container and help her throw in different objects and talk to her about the noises they make. Imitate her excitement.

You can also make a rolling rattle with a hand full of buttons, beads or beans (or any other noise making thing will do) in an empty soda bottle (500ml) or baby bottle. Seal tightly. Maybe even glue it shut. Then roll it with her on the floor.

When she throws food on the ground sit her next to you to clean and explain how even though it is fun it is also too messy... and you would rather play with her and not clean.

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