Baby tracking

I am concerned about baby tracking? My son is almost 4 months old and does not track very well. Should I be concerned?

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Baby's eye sight

It takes time for a baby's eye sight to develop into a useful tool as he gradually becomes aware of the world and recognizes familiar things. During the first few months babies gradually learn to follow moving objects. You say he tracks poorly. By 4 months old your son should be able to see in three dimensions.

Do you mean that he does not seem to see the objects clearly or that he soon gets fed up or distracted? Some shapes, human faces for instance, are more attractive to him than even bright toys.

Does he reach out for things placed just out of reach? Will he turn towards a small flash light held to slightly one side of him and about a foot away? If he does these things there is probably nothing to worry about. Your baby's eye sight can be tested using modern day equipment if you want further reassurance.

Baby is not tracking
by: Anonymous

When you say baby is not tracking very well it is not clear what you are talking about - do you mean he is not following you properly with his eyes? Or do you mean general tracking of his milestones? If you could be more specific, it might be easier to fully understand your question.

Nevertheless, baby milestones are fairly variable, and the range of what is normal is fairly wide so you probably do not need to worry one way or the other.

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