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My husband and I have been doing research and we just don't know what to think about baby vaccinations. Both sides make sense to us. The tw sides are like this: If we get our daughter vaccinated, what if they cause her mental harm and if we don't get her vaccinated, what if she gets one of the diseases?

It's really hard and there seems to be a low risk in both cases. There is a low risk of the vaccines causing harm and a low risk of our daughter getting one the diseases. Any advice or thought about this. I would love to hear from you.

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Diseases can disable and kill children
by: Anonymous

According to the Food & Drug Administration, Thimerosal has been removed from all vaccines (or reduced to TRACE amounts) that are given to children under the age of 6. The only vaccine still containing Thimerosal is the inactivated influenza vaccine, but a preservative-free version is available to those who qualify.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, vaccinating your child not only protects your child from debilitating, dangerous and life-threatening diseases but it also protects OTHER children from getting the diseases as well. This is a phenomenon know Herd Immunity.

Some children cannot receive vaccines because they are allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine, such as in the case of the child having an allergy to eggs. Other children are too young to receive a particular vaccine or have a weakened immune system which prevents them from being able to be safely vaccinated.

Vaccinating your child will protect the more vulnerable children in our society from diseases that could kill them. Anytime the vaccinated population of people dips below 90% the principal of Herd Immunity does not apply. As people increasingly chose not to vaccinate their children, they are not only putting their children at risk but are also putting the weakest and most vulnerable children in our society at risk as well because they are decreasing the Herd Immunity of that particular population.

Responsible parents should vaccinate their children against childhood diseases so that these diseases do not make a "comeback". Protecting your child from diseases that have the potential to disable and kill is the best thing you can do for your child, as well as for the children who cannot be vaccinated. It is your social responsibility.

by: Anonymous

Getting your baby a vaccination is a real personal choice. But after having two children and knowing over 100 others (being an early childhood teacher) all having vaccinations, I have never known one to be effected by it.

The good thing about actually doing the vaccination is that you indirectly help stop the spread of the disease. If your child contracts a disease from someone else and hasn't been vaccinated, the chances are that it will eventually be passed on to another child that hasn't been vaccinated, thereby creating all sorts of secondary problems.

Get The Vaccines
by: Courtney K

I would reccommend going ahead and get the vaccines, because of the ever-present possibility of getting the disease. My daughter has had them and she is doing excellent.

To Vaccinate Or Not
by: Catherine

To vaccinate or not is a hard question any informed parent faces. My baby is 9 months old and I've chosen not to vaccinate her. My reasons are that there are too many people suggesting links between Autism and SIDS to vaccinations. That includes reputable people like doctors.

As a teacher and psychologist, I have seen the rates of Autism and similar disorders rise dramatically in recent times. It is strange that often the symptoms of Autism are similar to those of Mercury Poisoning and one of the ingredients in many vaccines is Thiomersal (mercury). It is given at a very high dose proportional to the size of a baby.

It's also strange that some children with Autism respond well to measures to detoxify the body from mercury poisoning. I suggest you do some reading about vaccination on, which is a doctor's website! He has a lot of excellent information.

My other concerns include that these days (not like when I was vaccinated) they combine so many different things into the one vaccine, which is kinder in terms of requiring the baby to have less jabs. But it must make it harder for a baby's immune system to deal with so many things at once. I personally believe that some children have a pre-disposition to Austism and unfortunately you just don't know whether your child does or not until you have the vaccinations and something goes wrong.

Something I heard recently I found very compelling - in the USA they have a body who pays compensation to families as a result of vaccinations going wrong, and which acknowledges the vaccinations are the cause of SIDS in some cases and other negative outcomes. Sadly much money has been paid out. Good luck with your decision. But read Mercola!

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