Baby walking on toes

My question is about my Baby walking on toes. My 14 months old baby is still toe walking in her walker, but cannot stand on her own. What can or should I do?

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Activities for toe walking
by: Dalene

Here are a few activities for toe walking. First thing I suggest is that you determine whether your baby has the ability to stand with flat feet. Stated differently, we need to ensure that the Achilles tendon is not shortened or there is another orthopedic problem hindering her to walk normally. If you're unsure about this, I suggest you get a professional opinion.

Let's assume that everything is OK. You don't say whether she is able to crawl or not. If not, my suggestion would be to take her out of the walker and encourage crawling using some of the tips and suggestions on this site.

If she has mastered crawling, I suggest you do play activities while she is standing on her knees or even walking on his knees. Progress to activities in standing position (standing with flat feet at a table).

In normal standing (with feet flat) encourage play activities in this position. If you don't see an improvement within 4 weeks, seek further medical help.

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