Baby Walking

What are your suggestions to encourage baby walking? My baby girl is 10mnths old. She started crawling at 9mnths, but is more interested in walking. She pulls herself up against furniture and she walks if we hold both her hands. How do I encourage and help her to improve her walking skills?

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Helping To Walk
by: Tamara

Here is something that may be Helping to walk. My daughter started walking a little while ago when she was 11 months old. She is now just over a year and is getting more and more brave.

We had bought her a
toy pram
that she put her doll into and I think with her wanting to push it helped her walk. Give them plenty of love when they have tried.

Have You Tried Using A Walker?
by: Courtney K.

Have you tried using a walker? A walker will help encourage a baby to walk. My baby is 9 months old and she is trying her best to walk. She can stand by herself without holding on to anything. We have used a walker for at least 2 months and it seems to be working... try it and hopefully it will help.

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