Selection Tips For Best Baby Activity Centers

Baby activity centers are very similar to activity toys. The main difference is the actual size which is much bigger than the toys.

This simply allows the centers to combine more learning features to stimulate and encourage an even wider range of baby development skills.

The are a many skills your baby should be learning now. A few of them are: learning to follow and focus on objects, distinguish, react to and follow sounds, start learning about different textures, physical strength and motor skill development... just to name a few.

5 Tips for Selecting The Best

  • Must be brightly colored

  • Must have a range of different shapes

  • Combine different textures

  • Preferably have some sound or musical gadget

  • For small babies have objects suspended and dangling

Fisher-Price rainforest melodies and lights deluxe gym

So how much exercise does your infant get? You carry her around 24/7 while she gulps down high calorie baby food almost 6 times a day. Get the picture? The Fisher-Price rainforest melodies and lights deluxe gym seems the perfect baby activity center and also the answer to this dilemma.

Here is what's great about this baby activity center:

Comfort and safety: Safety comes first. The gym is completely padded and avoids any choking hazard. The floor is quilted with silk borders that makes it comfortable for both ‘tummy time’ as well as when the child is on her back. The rods and toys are all softened and padded for optimum safety.

Sensory Stimulation: Interestingly, the colors are balanced perfectly to stimulate the child’s visual senses without confusing her vision by overloading it. The gym sticks to the use of basic colors like green, blue, purple, orange, red and of course yellow, which is assigned to the adorable giraffe. Other animals like a monkey, elephant, parrot, butterflies combine with a spinning paddle, a shiny mirror and a crinkly leaf to excite and enhance the child’s sensory needs.

Auditory stimulation: The product comes with three modes of music. The first is a shorter 8 to 12 seconds of melody, combined with lights for building on the cause and effect understanding of the child. The other two are longer and designed to comfort and sooth the child. The rainforest theme music is specially targeted to tease the child’s auditory reflexes and cultivate her senses into understanding the various comforts that music can provide.    

This gym is 20 x 32.5 x 32.5 inches of sheer delight that allows the child to seek much more than just comfort from the toy. It has multi faceted benefits of which seeing your child play happily on the mat is the greatest one. 2 baby strollers

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