Great Baby Activity Toys For
0-3 Month Olds

Peek-a-Boo Clutch Cube

Baby activity toys are usually multifunctional. That simply means, each of the toys include several learning features in one toy to encourage development of a range of skills.

Some of the skills your baby should be encouraged to develop now are: learning to follow and focus on objects, distinguish, react to and follow sounds, start learning about different textures, physical strength and motor skill development... just to name a few.

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Good activity toys for small babies must be:

  • Brightly colored

  • Easy for baby to handle

  • Combine different textures

  • Easy for you to take along

  • Rather a soft toy

  • Have some sound or noise feature

  • Preferably can be fastened or hung on suspender bars or in a cot, and...

  • Be fun to play with!

Now, I appreciate that it's almost impossible to give a comprehensive up to date list of all the great baby toys in the market. Or to give exact age specific ones in this short intro.

Great Activity Toys For 0-3 Month Olds

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