2 Little Known Baby Crawl Tips Every Parent Ought To Know

2 Little Known Baby Crawl Tips Every Parent Ought To Know

"What baby crawl?"

"My 8-12 month old baby doesn't even have a desire to move. What's more, he won't use his arms or knees to hold himself up."

"How do I get him to move... and maybe to crawl?"

These are just a few questions concerned parents ask almost daily.

But teaching your baby to crawl is actually very easy.

2 Little-Known Tips For Helping Your Baby

Using Your Legs

Sit down on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Lie your baby on his tummy across both your legs --arms and upper body on one side of your legs and legs on the other side.

It's usually easier to lay your baby across your upper legs where you can easily reach and handle him.

In this position your baby should be in the natural crawling stance.

This position forces your baby to carry some weight on both arms and knees... thereby strengthening them at the same time. Once the arms and legs strengthen, crawling will come naturally.

At this age your baby is also very much interested in himself.

To make things even easier, sit with your shoulder next to a mirror. Let your baby face the mirror and see himself. You can also use any other reflective surface for this purpose.

It's not necessary to use a very large reflecting surface... only large enough for your baby to see himself.

Once your baby is strong enough to stand unsupported in the crawling position continue to encourage crawling on the floor. In no time you'll see the results.

Another technique that works very well to speed up baby crawling is...

The "Bathroom Towel" Technique

You'll need a normal large bathroom towel for this technique. You'll use the towel to support and lift your baby off the floor.

The aim of this technique is to use the towel to encourage standing in the crawling position. And to strengthen the arms and legs.

Here's how to do it...

Lay the towel flat on the floor. Don't spread the towel in its width.

Lie your baby on his tummy across the width of the towel... head and arms overhanging on one edge of the towel and legs on the other edge.

The towel must just be under his tummy and upper body areas.

Now take the two towel ends, one in each hand, forming a U-shape.

Gently raise your baby... just off the floor. Your child's natural reaction will be to stand on arms and knees -assuming the normal baby crawl position.

Your only task is now to lower your baby to increasingly take more weight on his arms and legs.

With a bit of trying and encouragement you'll strengthen the legs and arms which is much needed to get your baby crawling.

Of the two techniques, you may find laying your baby across your thighs easier. But using the towel suspender with a brightly colored toy for encouragement may actually work better for others.

Best is to try both methods to see which works best.

You may be concerned about your baby not crawling. And maybe you're wasting time and money on things that's not working.

So, there's absolutely nothing any parent can lose by trying these little-known baby crawl tips.


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